Sexy Actresses Navel Show In Saree

actress in saree below navel

The use of saree in sensual scenes is very significant. Many movies have the so called masala songs that have saree clad heroines posing very seductively in one way or other. In rain song they appear clad in white transparent saree and flimsy blouse that exposes their assets in a sensual way. In another song the actress is show in a saree tied much below navel. Sometimes it is tied four inches below tummy button to expose belly and navel in the most erotic way. And at another other times, in a first night sequence the actress playing bride is almost always shown in a cleavage revealing blouse (sometimes in padded bra!) and sexy sari wrapped around her waist. The demand for hot saree songs is so much that almost every other mainstream film has such songs. For more sexy photos of actresses wearing saree below navel , you can visit the link.
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